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Giving Yourself To the Matrix (* Refer to the movie of the same name where people lived by umbilical in dreams *)

From the TV Series 'Deadwood'

I have seen the below kind of conversation take place in real life.  And there is no bigger indicator of a drug addict or alcoholic than in the way they speak.  Even though depicted here as an English Second language problem the lines being spoken by the actors are from real life experiences shared by all baby boomers:  And this is why it hits so deep, all have seen this.
Wet brain or alcoholic encephalopathy appears in all ages. 
I believe that drugs are the pacifier of the masses and the herds and how society will be controlled going forward.  Just like in the movie "...The Matrix..." where people lived by umbilicals in dreams.  Drugs are the dreams and Birth to Death welfare are the umbilicals.

I’ve had trouble launching these videos on the first attempt.  But using refresh and browser back one URL eventually works.



1.     What do my children think and feel as they view these two videos?
2.     Obscene curse words dominate a powerful conversation by two alcoholic / drug addicts / drug dealers / pimps.  This is exactly how you’re Mother and Grand Mother would talk to each other on the phone every night for hours. 
3.     In Pacifica it was tolerable because your Mother would take the phone into the other room.  But when your Grand Mother came to visit there was nowhere to take the phone and they were in your face.
4.     Five or Six times I called the police to stop them but it only resulted in their getting clever and them finally calling 911 on me before I got to the phone the last time.  And then both lying to the police about how was the problem and how they weren’t drinking and I was threatening them with a baseball bat and later threatening your Mother with her own revolver.
5.     My parents did not act like this.
6.     I did not act like this.
7.       I should have seen it and never moved to New Jersey.
8.     Wu is your Grand Mother.
9.     Swearangen is Your Mother.
10.   I’m Dan and Jonny

1.       Your Mother could never conceive that drugs and alcohol were unnecessary expenses.
2.       Food, Shelter, Car, gas, bus fare, bicycle, Power, Computer, Cell phone, Kitchen, Bathroom, Clothes BUT NOT DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ARE NEEDED TO SUSTAIN LIFE!

“Watch your thoughts for they become words.
Watch your words for they become actions.
Watch your actions for they become habits.
Watch your habits for they become your character.
And watch your character for it becomes your destiny.
What we think, we become.

Margaret Thatcher

Alcoholics and Druggies don’t watch their thoughts or words and their obscenities become their actions and habits.