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Rules When Starting A New Relationship For The First Time There is A Safe Way To The Approach

The Two Most Important Words to Remember:  "...Consenting Adults..."
A person's childhood ends when they become an adult at eighteen.  Until that time your parents are legally responsible for you. 

The Four Most Important Words to Remember When Approaching Anyone For the First Time or Any Time Is:   "...Would You Like To..."
Would you like to dance with me?
Would you like to hold my hand?
Would you like to walk with me?
Would you like me to carry your books?
Would you like me to drive you home?
Would you like me to take you to a movie?
Would you like me to KISS YOU?
Would you like to have SEX WITH ME?

When you use the question "...Would you like to...", you are satisfying the most important of conditions:  CONSENT.
In my opinion, Sex Education should not be taught until the senior year in high school as there are too many legal issues involved before the age of 18.  For example, "...Are your parents needed to be there when you approach someone....?"  Legally, yes.  Traditionally, no.   However, in today's PROGRESSIVE society child are confronted with issues they should not have to be confronted with specifically, homosexuality and pregnancy.   One is traditionally perversion and the other is traditionally a marriage rite.  Under the law, you need your parent's consent until you are an adult in order to be safe, else, you are taking a risk.  Remember, you have to satisfy the legal obligation of being "...CONSENTING ADULTS..." or you are at risk.
Question:  Is she/he a consenting childhood minor or a consenting adult?
These two words are what is needed to be safe.