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To the little guys with the big hearts, just like 'Rudy'.

At the end of every season an awards banquet is given for the entire football team.  Hosted by Cheer Leaders and Pom Poms our football awards banquet was always held in the American Legion Hall in Memorial Park next to the High School.  Everybody wears a tie and we all sit around the room like King Arthur's round table instead of the usual columns and rows of the classroom.  We all sit equally because this is the last time we would meet together as a team.
Playing for Albany High School was not like playing anywhere else in the metropolitan bay area because there were so few of us.  My graduating class counted 162 boys and girls leaving only 80 boys to fill out the 40 man football rooster from our class.  Add in the juniors and that's 160 boys total.
We fielded 26 at the start of the season and 21 at the end after injuries.
Most of us went both ways and played every down.  While our opposition played convential rules, one man - one position - one way.
I think the football missing were felt more deeply than in other high school sports because the risk of injury is higher and more common.  But also, more people go to football games because of hitting and high risk of injury.  Something you don't see in tennis or golf and not even in wrestling even though wrestling is the only other contact high school sport.  (* No, I don't count basketball as a contact sport *)
We should have given awards to those guys who had the heart to show up to practice everyday for 3 or 4 years for they never miss a drill or suffer an injury.  Or, more likely, if they were injured they played injured.
Smaller, weaker, and slower most of my football teammates would not have made it on any other high school football team, nor would I would have played three years of Varsity football if I had gone else where.
But in contrast, to the guy who nick named himself but couldn't take a hit;  Or the always injured guy who always kissed the coaches ass on the sidelines;  These guys were not teammates and a shame to play with.  Always they slammed their classmates and teammates or shot off their mouths - BUT NEVER PLAYED A VARSITY DOWN WORTH TALKING ABOUT.  For in their 2 years of eligibility verses my 3, I never saw them play more than a few downs or a couple of games or do anything else but piss people off.  
And they were just the worst teammates.
But for our 170 pound left tackle, and our 150 pound inside linebacker, and our 120 pound defensive backs, and our 150 pound center, and our 140 pound wide receiver:  You were the reason I kept showing up everyday...
...because damn if I was going to quit before you did.