The 2208 Day Divorce

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From:  October 23rd 2003
To:  November 10th 2009

Michael Steele, Pro Se for 95% of Trials and Appeals and Motions
Attorney's Fees:  Approximately $7,500.00

Debra Steele, Represented by Deborah Rose, ESQ
Attorney's Fees:  $120,000.00 that I know of, and spent out of either the Michael Steele Estate or the Two Home Mortgages on 1144 Alaska Avenue.  A $300,000.00 house with a $420.000.00 double mortgage, verses, the fully paid for 35 Tyndale house. 

This, was the choice made by a self-admitted alcoholic / drug abuser.  And self-admitted since the age of circa 12 years.  And a choice made by an alcoholic who hasn't been sober once, in her entire adult life.  Certainly not during 2003, our last year together, when she was spending $1,500.00 / month on Chardonnays and other spirits.

And rarely if ever, since 2003, according to the three New Jersey Division of Youth Authority complaints, that I know of, all for Endangerment to the Children and Alcoholism.

Consistent with every alcoholic ever recorded in history and going back to before the time of Jesus Christ Debra liquidated or stole everything from every family member especially the children included.  Food, clothing, toys, their childhood, their education, their college education, their friends, all their paternal and maternal Aunts, Uncles and cousins, a $380,000.00 paid for house that I purchased, two new and paid for mini vans, and most especially their father.