Careers For the Next Generation
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Career Choices for 2010 and Beyond:

The economy is tight and jobs are bad and nothing like when I grew up.   Up through the 70's and the OPEC Oil Embargo there were always teenage starter jobs.  For example, newspaper boys could work at age 10 or 11 and make $45 / month.  (* That's ten times $45.00 or closer to $450.00 today for the same work, AKA inflation.  *)  All the teenage starter jobs went away illegal aliens.  First, to the repatriated Iranians during the Iranian war which was heavily supported by the US.  We brought Iranian immigrants here and gave them all the newspaper boy and then the gas station jobs.

Life continued to be cheap for another two decades into the early 90's.  This time and this was known as the time of the middle class and to a lessor extent a time of strong labor unions.  There were few poor and no one had heard the term "millionaire". 

Besides the OPEC Oil Embargo corporate owners could not handle the middle class and moved to eliminate both them and the labor unions.  The US government no longer accepted obligation for printing money and under the Nixon administration, we went off the gold standard and gave control of the printing of money to private Banks.  All under the name of the FED. 

It's important to note that every president up to Nixon fought to keep the privatization printing money away from Banks, that this was an unprecedented move in US history, and the most notorious and worse thing Nixon ever did.  Nixon used the Viet Nam War as a diversion to slip in what every President up until then had fought against, the FED.  Andrew Jackson for example, the president whose face appears on the Twenty Dollar bill, staked his entire second election in a fight against banks seeking to control the government's printing of money.

With bank's no longer accountable for their actions, the middle class deteriorted.  So no you know two of the weapons used by corporate owners to eradicate the middle class, illegal aliens and the FED.

The economy is now in an unprecedented never seen before path in the history.  And I'm afraid that failure is what most experts are indicating.  Failure in this case is a long depression leading up to a war, or some other event designed to acquire and control the limited resources of the world.  Oil, for example, is a limited resource that all seek to control.

For my children I recommend the military.  Especially for my son Nicholas.  The military is the one way out that can be bank rolled into a college education and post - military career.

I would target ROTC Navy and obtain a college education right after high school.  It will be easier to get through college right away, else, you will forget what you learned.  Especially math.  For example, instead of Navy ROTC you enlist and take advantage of the Military's pay for your college education once your enlistment is up.  Going back to school after 4 years will be hard, and I doubt you will make it without a great deal of struggle including second jobs, missing out on marriage and raising a family, probably going into your thirty's before finally obtaining a degree and starting a career.

I had a professor in college who use to say that knowledge evaporates if you don't use it.  This is especially true for math.

A career is what you are aiming for, and if you complete a career in the Navy then you should aim for SECRET clearance.  In the computer world of Unix Administration, a SECRET clearance is easy to get after a year's worth of investigation and interviews into all aspects of your life by the DoD, but is easily provided to veterans with very little hassle since they know where you have been for the last 20 years.  You've been with them.

In my opinion the Navy is the way to go since they are the biggest of the military branches, have more opportunities, and because you'll be on the Oceans instead of in the middle of a Nebraska corn field if you chose the Air Force, and likely to be an 80% casualty if you chose the Army.

Note:  65% of all infantry died in WWII, 83% of all Medics, but only 15% of all seaman.

I do not foresee a labor market open to white Americans.  Illegal Aliens have taken over these jobs and are here to stay.  This includes construction and government jobs like snow plowing streets, a job my ex's family have succeeded at for two generations.