Dad's Internet Alias' And Icons
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Nom De Plumes

AlienSlideShow - From 'The Far Side' cartoon comics by Gary Larson
First used as a hostname for an AT&T server my co-workers and I were building at work in 1998.  I pulled Alien Slide Show from a Far Side comic calender.  The Far Side was a great comic by Gary Larson that ran in the 80's and 90's.  I have used this alias in many places including the  A website that censored too many of my anti Gay postings and eventually deleted my account.  I eventually became Slappy_Chuckles2 on but had to work up to this variation, after some of my other variations were also deleted for similar reasons.

Transmorgifier - From the 'Calvin and Hobbes' cartoon comics by Bill Waterson
Hobbes had a dog house that would become a time machine.  The time machine / dog house was called 'Transmorgifier'.

Slappy_Chuckles_And_Bozo - At the time of this writing, November 2009, the last Super Bowl Appearance of the Oakland Raider's was in 2002.  The year before in 2001 Head Coach Jon Gruden became disgusted with Raider's owner Al Davis.  And Al Davis became disgusted with Jon Gruden.  This, dispite Gruden's winning record of 48 wins and 26 losses.  Davis made an unprecedent trade of a head coach, Jon Gruden to the Tampa Bay Bucanners for their 2002 and 2003 first-round draft picks, Tampa Bay's 2002 and 2004 second-round draft picks, and $8 million in cash.  The owners of the Buc's were Brian, Edward and Joel Glazer, AKA Slappy, Chuckles and Bozo.  The trade ran on sports talk shows everywhere for quite awhile.  And it was while listening to a KNBR sports talk show that I first heard the name, Slappy, Chuckles and Bozo.  Ironically, these two teams met in the 2002 super bowl, and just as ironically the Slappy Chuckles and Bozo owned, and Jon Gruden led Bucs, beat the Raiders.


"Vampire Hunder D" - Anime Moive
"Slappy, Chuckles and Bozo" - Cover of Saturday
Evening Post - Artist Norman Rockwell
Steele Family Crest
The Transmorgifier
Used on, the website for the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper, the paper I grew up with.